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My name is Tony and Alphistia has been a part of my life for a long time now. It has been a geofictional country project since I was a boy. Alphistia is an "art country" which I have imagined since 1967. Such a place can't be found on a map, but there are many details about it that I have shared in drawings, sketches, paintings, and writing. One of my favorite writers Ursula K. Le Guin, calls these inventions: "the inner lands".


What is Alphistia?

Alphistia is a geofictional country. Geofiction as an English word is relatively recent, and comes from the Dutch word "geofictie". Words such as "paracosm", "micronation" or "model country"could also describe Alphistia, although unlike micronations, Alphistia does not claim territory and does not have an active community of participants. It began as a "neighborhood nation", created when I was a nine-year-old boy in a town near Cincinnati, Ohio. Various houses on a working-class street were designated as "provinces", and local children joined up as "citizens". A proto-Alphistian language was created, complete with its own alphabet. This continued until 1974, when the first "real, existing" Alphistia ended. After that, Alphistia has existed in various incarnations on paper, and since 1995, on the web.

What inspires Alphistia?

There are so many inspirations for Alphistia, but some of the primary influences include Ursula K. Le Guin's Orsinia, Theodor Herzl's Altneuland, Ernest Callenbach's Ecotopia, and of course Tolkien.

What is "Project Alphistia"?

Project Alphistia was established in 1995, provides information about Alphistia and promotes awareness of it. Alphistia has been included in several art exhibits worldwide, including Utrecht in the Netherlands, Hamburg in Germany and suburban Philadelphia in the United States. Alphistia is featured in Kris Harzinski's book "From Here to There" as well.

Where would Alphistia be located?

Since it is geofictional, there isn't an ideal location for Alphistia. There have been some descriptions of where it could be located though. The preferred location is undeveloped and thinly populated land without climate extremes, suitable for farming and the development of several dozen small towns and cities, in an area far away from potential conflict.

(map drawn by Adam Parrish)

What is the Alphistian language?

Alphistian was invented when I was a nine year old boy. It had its own alphabet, grammar, and a vocabulary of several hundred words. Alphistian now uses the Latin alphabet, has a regular and simple grammar, and a vocabulary of about 3500 words. The vocabulary will continue to be developed until all the necessary words for everyday use exist.

What is the Skansatala?

The Skansatala is the Alphistian national epic, like the Kalevala of Finland or the sagas of Iceland. A shortened version called the "Landanomikle" has been written and is available.

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